Episode 012 Andreas Hurtig (1:2)

In this episode you can hear my conversation with Andreas Hurtig, who is a swedish day trader and former poker player. And it’s also about money. And btw. He has an IQ that is around 178, so what can and will he do with this IQ ?

Andreas is an advisor for Børsen, and I ask him the question: “What should I invest in right now ?”

This is an episode where we talk about a lot. And we also talk about money.

“A Ferrari will only keep you happy for a few weeks”

He has made a lot of money in poker and trading and you are gonna hear his story about how he made all the money in poker, why he stopped, what he learnt and what he believes about life and health today.

Hear more about:

  • Andreas poker background and why he stopped.
  • What personality you need to have to succeed in day trading ?
  • How much does money really matter ?
  • He hates possessions and believe that they are making us misserable. He used to think that money would make him happy, but he realizes that the gratification goes away really quickly.
  • Andreas Hurtig’s experience around you and what life has to offer. And we talk about happiness and we talk about life and what life has to offer and if it’s possible to have a great relationship to a purse.
  • For how long a Ferrari will make you happy ?
  • What intelligence is ?

The book we talk about is called: “Moon walking with Einstein”

Find Andreas Hurtig here: His youtube channel.