Episode 013 Andreas Hurtig (2:2)

In this episode number 2:2 with Andreas Hurtig you get to know why he has done a lot of projects called the 1-month-man.

“I don’t feel any gratification for things. If you have the possibility – give back”.

Every month he gives him self a challenge to learn a new skill.

(Hear the first episode with him here).


What you can expect to hear in this episode:

  • When he asked around he found out, that most common excuse human beings have for not doing what we want in in order to learn new things – is ‘time’.
  • Hear what he did about that to show us that it’s a lame excuse.
  • We talk about how much we could we accomplish in a month with only two hours a day.
  • We talk about how you shouldn’t be afraid to fail and how he fails at most of the things, he is doing.
  • Learning new things is suppose to be hard, otherwise there wouldn’t be a genuine gratification in the work or the evolvement.
  • Hear what Andreas Hurtig think life is really about and how he says that it changes. Right now – for him – it’s charity work.  Karma – treat everyone around you well, good things will happen to you. If you can’t give money – give time.
  • How he sees his role in life as a teacher – but a very practical one. You can follow his work here:

Also I got so inspired when I re-listened to our conversation.

Here is a link to the app I’m currently using to learn a new language. https://www.duolingo.com 

Link to Andreas’ youtube channel